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The Center for Jewish Culture Gallery is one of the longest-functioning art galleries in the Kazimierz district of Cracow. Besides presenting of Jewish art, we try to make our gallery a place where the work of young artists from Poland and abroad can be exposed at the outset of their careers. Some of the artists who have exhibited their work at the Center are Prof. Andrzej Pietsch, Jacek Stokłosa, Prof. Wojciech Muller, Prof. Irena Rodzińska-Popiołek, Ignacy Chrzanowski, Bogusław Bachorczyk, Jacek Chor±ży, Grażyna Makara, Marlene Gabriela Vite Leon (Mexico), Perla Bajder (Argentina), Tithy Aleksandrowicz (Israel), Erwin Schenkelbach (Israel), Shirley Moskowitz (U.S.A.), Witold Pawlik (Austria), Helmut Jahn and Janusz Radtke (Germany).

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