Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
1809 born February 3rd in Hamburg to a Jewish family with social ties to the German intellectual elite
1815 studied piano under L. Berger (earlier his mother had taught him), and violin under C.W. Henning
1919 with his sister Fanny, began composition studies under C.F. Zelter, then became a member of the Singakademie
1820 composed his first piano piece, Recitativo, and dozens of others, mainly instrumental,and the comic opera Die Soldatenliebschaft
1829 twice in March in Berlin , undertook the first performances of the Passion According toSt. Matthew after the death of J.S. Bach; then stayed in Great Britain , where he wrote the first series of Lieder ohne Worte
1830 wrote sketches for the “Italian” Symphony
1831 in the autumn, completed the Piano Concert in G minor in Munich
1832 on May 13th, premiered the “Italian” Symphony in London , then the Berlin premiere of the “Reformation” Symphony and the overture The Hebrides
1833-35 performed many works by Haendel, for which he researched primary sources
1834 brought about the opening of an opera theater in Düsseldorf, and directed operas by Mozart, Weber and Auber
1835 in Leipzig , met Klara Wieck and her father, and befriended Robert Schumann, whom he introduced to Fryderyk Chopin; began to conduct in the Gewandhaus
1836 received a doctorate honoris causa from the University of Leipzig
1837 married Cecilia Jeanreaud; his oratorio Paulus was enthusiastically received at a festival in Birmingham
1839 in Leipzig , conducted Franz Schubert's Symphony in C major which had been discovered by Schumann, and then Haendel's Messiah and Beethoven's Mass in C major in Düsseldorf
1840 conducted the premiere of the “Lobgesang” Symphony in the Church of St. Thomas in Leipzig
1842 in Leipzig and later in England , presented the “Scottish” Symphony , dedicated to Queen Victoria
1843 in Leipzig , opened the Conservatory, headed it, and invited eminent musicians to teach there
1847 in the spring, directed the Paulus oratorio in Leipzig and then the Elijah oratorio in London; in May his beloved sister Fanny Hensel died; died in Leipzig on the evening of October 4th, and was buried in Berlin in Holy Trinity Cemetery, next to his sister's grave

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