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Month of Encounters with Jewish Culture
sixth edition
September 18 - October 27 2001

Wednesday, September 19,

6:00 p.m. "Prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz - A Cracovian of the 20th Century - His Life and Work" - opening of an exhibition of photographs of Prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz, organized jointly with the Prof. J. Aleksandrowicz Foundation in Cracow.

Thursday, September 20,
6:00 p.m. Meeting with Agata ARASZKIEWICZ, author of "Wypowiadam wam moje życie". "Melancholia Zuzanny Ginczanki "(I'll Tell You My Life: The Melancholy of Zuzanna Ginczanka) and Bożena UMIŃSKA, author of "Postać z cieniem. Portrety Żydówek w literaturze polskiej od końca XIX wieku do 1939 roku" (Figure from the Shadows: Portraits of Jewish Women in Polish Literature from the End of the 19th Century to 1939), organized jointly with the Crisis Intervention Association, within the Gender Studies Program.

Friday, September 21,
7:00 p.m. * Concert of the KROKE ensemble: Jacek KUKURBA (violin, viola), Tomasz LATO (double bass), Jerzy BAWÓŁ (accordion).

Saturday, September 22,
10.00 a.m. Postcard auction organized by the RARA AVIS Antiquarian Bookshop in Cracow (

Monday, September 24,
6:00 p.m. Marian Hemar - od Lwowa do Londynu (Marian Hemar - From Lvov to London) Meeting with Anna MIESZKOWSKA, author of a book about Marian Hemar

Tuesday, September 25,
6:00 p.m. Yedvabne: A Challenge for Poles Today Meeting with Prof. Hanna ¦WIDA-ZIEMBA

Sunday, September 30,
6:00 p.m. * Chamber music concertby Tomasz SOBANIEC and Ryszard HABA performing in percussion instruments. A program with works by Jewish composers including S. Reich and Cracow-connected R. Haubenstock-Ramati. ??

Monday, October 1,
6:00 p.m. Marrano Memories in Iberian America: Case Study Lecture by Prof. Natan WACHTEL of the College de France, in English.

Tuesday, October 2,
7:00 p.m. Guitar concert by Łukasz KUROPACZEWSKI, organized jointly with the Cervantes Institute in Warsaw. Free admission.

Wednesday, October 3,
6:00 p.m. Antoni Słonimski - Witness of His Times Meeting with Ryszard Marek GROŃSKI

Thursday, October 4,
6:00 p.m. Film showing, Sanatorium pod klepsydr± (The Hourglass Sanatorium) directed by Jerzy Wojciech HASS. In Polish with English subtitles

Sunday, October 7,
6:00 p.m. * Concert of Jewish music performed by DI GALITZYANER KLEZMORIM: Mariola ¦PIEWAK (clarinet), Grzegorz ¦PIEWAK (accordion) and Rafał SEWERYNIAK (double bass). The program includes Jewish melodies and dances from the Polish region of Galicia, arranged by the ensemble.

Monday, October 8,
6:00 p.m. Galicia - Jewish Refuge Lecture by Dr. Tomasz GˇSOWSKI of the History Institute of the Jagiellońian University

Wednesday, October 10,
6:00 p.m. The Bible and History: Joshua's Altar on Mt. Ebal. The Bible, Archeology and Controversy
Lecture by Prof. Adam ZERTAL of Haifa University, in English.

Thursday, October 11,
6:00 p.m. Opening of an exhibition of paintings by Franciszek TUREK. Franciszek Turek (1882-1947), a Cracow painter, left many paintings. Some of them presenting Galician synagogues, Cracow's Kazimierz and Cracow itself are presented.

Friday, October 12,
7:00 p.m. * Hommage a Abel Carlevaro - guitar concert dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest 20th-century guitarists, who died In Berlin on July 16, 2001. On June 1st, 2001, the maestro gave a concert which proved to be the last of his career.

Sunday, October 14,
6:00 p.m. Presentation of the book "Aleksander Hertz" by Czesław MIŁOSZ, containing the first of a series of annual lectures dedicated to the memory of Alicja and Aleksander Hertz, delivered at the Center for Jewish Culture as part of the 1999 BAYIT HADASH program.

Sunday, October 14,
7:00 p.m. * Piano recital by Beata BILIŃSKA including works by J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, F. Chopin and S. Rachmaninoff.

Monday, October 15,
6:00 p.m. Poles and Jews - Once Again?
Lecture by Prof. Jan WOLEŃSKI of the Philosophy Institute of the Jagiellonian University, inaugurating a new lecture series devoted to the shared memory and shared history of Poles and Jews.

Tuesday, October 16,
6:00 p.m. Meeting with Prof. Shevah WEISS, Israeli Ambassador to Poland

Wednesday, October 17,
6:00 p.m. Presentation of the first contemporary Jewish translation of the Book of Genesis into Polish, together with commentary, published by the Ronald Lauder Foundation in Poland. Participating in the event were Rabbi Sacha PECARIC and Ewa GORDON.

Thursday, October 18,
6:00 p.m. Jews in Poland Today
Meeting with Helena DATNER of the Warsaw Jewish Community Council

Saturday, October 20,
11.00 Book auction organized by the RARA AVIS Antiquarian Bookshop in Cracow (

Sunday, October 21,
7:00 p.m. SETTIMANA DELLA CULTURA EBRAICA - JEWISH CULTURE WEEK Program organized jointly with the Italian Culture Institute in Cracow.
Concert of Sephardic music
performed by Anna JAGIELSKA (soprano, guitar) and Marta STANISŁˇWSKA (percussion).

Monday, October 22,
6:00 p.m. SETTIMANA DELLA CULTURA EBRAICA - JEWISH CULTURE WEEK Meeting with Pupa GARRIBBA, Italian Jewish woman, speaking about her experiences during the Second World War.

Monday, October 22,
8:00 p.m. * Pearls from Marian Hemar's Cabaret - concert of songs by Marian Hemar performed by actors of the Popular Theater in Cracow: Marta BIZOŃ, Ewa KAIM, Bożena KRZYŻANOWSKA, Rafał DZIWISZ, Jacek ROMANOWSKI and Janusz SZYDŁOWSKI. Musical accompaniment by Jerzy KLUZOWICZ (piano), Wiesław MURZAŃSKI (double bass), Andrzej POPIEL (percussion) and Janusz WITKO (clarinet, saxophone). Staged and directed by Janusz Szydłowski, choreography by Jacek Tomasik, music and arrangements by Jerzy Kluzowicz.

Tuesday, October 23,
6:00 p.m. By Reason of Being in the Frame, opening of an exhibition of photographs by Katarzyna NALEPA (France)

Wednesday, October 24,
6:00 p.m. The Duties of a Citizen of a Multicultural World Lecture by Ryszard KAPU¦CIŃSKI, part of the series of annual lectures dedicated to the memory of Aleksander and Alicja Hertz.

Wednesday, October 24,
Film showing, Train de Vie, directed by Radu Mihailenau.

Thursday, October 25,
7:00 p.m. SETTIMANA DELLA CULTURA EBRAICA - JEWISH CULTURE WEEK Film showing, Life is Beautiful, directed by Roberto Begini.

Friday, October 26,

*Ticketed event

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