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Dear Friends,

It is an exceptional honor and pleasure to welcome all of you to Cracow for the Mo.No.Pi. Summer Program

Memory, Heritage, Civil Society. Monasterial and Synagogal Architecture in Poland and Its Impact on Cultural and Economic Development.

We hope that your participation in this short but intensive program will be a memorable experience for you and that it will contribute to the better fulfillment of the goals set up by the Mo.No.Pi. program.

We would like to extend our special thanks to our friends from the Lead Partner Office in Volos.

We wish you an enjoyable stay in our city.

Joachim S. Russek
The Judaica Foundation
Robert Gądek
Academic Co-ordinator
of the Summer Program

Cracow, September 2nd, 2005


Arrival of the participants


8.00 Breakfast
8.30 Transfer to the Center for Jewish Culture
9.00 Opening of the Summer Program
with participation of invited local officials

Presentation of the content of the program
10.30 Multicultural Character of Cracow
and Its Impact on Tourism Development

Lecture by Prof. Jacek Purchla,
Director of the International Cultural Centre in Cracow
11.30 Cracow and Its University
Film presentation
12.30 Monasterial and Synagogal Architecture in Cracow – Selected Issues
Lecture by Dr. Jacek Czubiński, Technical University in Cracow
13.30 Lunch at the Center for Jewish Culture
15.00 Workshops:
Good Practice in Management Methods For Synagogal Architecture:
Case 1:Jewish Educational Center in Oświęcim
presented by Artur Szyndler, Jewish Educational Center, Oświęcim
Case 2: Center for Jewish Culture in Cracow’s Kazimierz
presented by Joachim S. Russek, Director, The Judaica Foundation
16.15 The Unexpected Guest
Film presentation about the history of Jews in Poland
17.00 Return to the hotel
18.45 Transfer from the hotel to the Klezmer Hois Restaurant
19.00 Dinner at the Klezmer Hois Restaurant
21.00 Return to hotel


8.00 Breakfast
8.30 Departure to Częstochowa by coach
11.00 Arrival in Częstochowa
12.00 Visit to the Pauline Monastery and Black Madonna Shrine
Meeting with Father Nikodem of the Pauline Monastery
14.00 Lunch in the Pauline Monastery
16.00 Departure to Cracow by coach
18.30 Arrival in Cracow


8.00 Breakfast
8.45 A walk from the hotel to the Main Square in Cracow
9.00 Visits to Cracow’s monasteries and historical sites in the Old Town
with Dr. Jacek Czubiński, Technical University in Cracow
(St. Mary’s Church, Dominican Monastery, University Museum
in Collegium Maius)
12.30 Visit to the Franciscan Monastery
Meeting with Father Andrzej Zając, the Guardian

Lunch in the Monastery’s Italian Hall
14.30 Transfer to Kazimierz by coach
15.00 Sightseeing of Kazimierz - Jewish district of Cracow
with Dr. Jacek Czubiński, Technical University in Cracow
(Tempel Synagogue, Remuh Synagogue, The Old Synagogue – Jewish Museum, Izaak Synagogue, Wolnica Square, St. Catherine’s Church, Pauline Monastery „On the Rock”)
17.30 Free time


8.00 Breakfast
8.45 Departure from the hotel by coach
9.30 Visit to the Jesuit Monastery, Ignatianum College
and the Jesuit Publishing House in Cracow
Meeting with Prof. Ludwik Grzebień, SJ, Rector of the Ignatianum
11.00 Departure to Tyniec by coach
11.30 Arrival in Tyniec
11.45 Visit to the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec
Meeting with Father Bernard, the Abbot of the Monastery
13.00 Lunch in the Abbey
14.30 Departure from Tyniec to Cracow by coach
15.00 Arrival in Cracow, Center for Jewish Culture
15.30 Heritage and Development – Cracow’s Experience: Citizens Committee
for Renovation of Historical Monuments in Cracow (SKOZK) – Its Aims
and Accomplishments After 30 Years of Activities
Lecture by Prof. Jacek Purchla, Director of the International Cultural Centre
16.30 Conclusions
17.30 Closing ceremony and farewell reception
19.00 Free time


Breakfast in the hotel

Departure of the participants

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